John Muir

"The power of imagination makes us infinite."

Suzzanne is an artist and designer based out of Austin, Texas providing illustration and calligraphy services worldwide. As a self taught creative, Suzzanne uses her talents to assist others in conveying their unique stories with the world. Her background in sustainability and environmental science has allowed Suzzanne to ensure her services are viewed favorable by mother nature and have a minimal impact on our environment. 

Before becoming a full-time calligrapher and designer, Suzzanne worked with governments to advance sustainable initiatives and educated others about environmental issues impacting our generation. She led and developed a curriculum specializing in sustainable development for students studying in China and has has hosted education workshops for youth along the Texas-Mexico border.

With Suzzanne’s love for our environment she strives to live a more intentional life influenced by family and her experiences traveling the world. Through her calligraphy and designs, Suzzanne has taken extraordinary steps in achieving her dream and is now assisting others with cultivating intentional lifestyles while capturing each unique story with her artwork.