Ott Coffee

Ott Coffee is a for-purpose business that produces hemp-infused coffee for conscious-driven people who yearn for a connection with their state of flow. Ott encourages their CBD coffee lovers to find their center and start each day with a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Web Design


Ott Coffee initially reached out to us for a cold brew design. During our discovery call, we collectively determined a rebrand and website were needed to differentiate from other CBD companies. Ott Coffee also wanted to effectively communicate that its impact was larger than just another CBD product.


Alwan and I began with a 2-hour strategy workshop to dive into the vision, values, and purpose of Ott Coffee. We reviewed the brand’s current positioning, where he wanted to take the brand, and who Ott Coffee was meant to serve.

With the help of Christine Lacayo, we created Ott Coffee’s promise – a state of flow. From there, Christine made the tagline, “Embrace your pace.” Ott Coffee wanted to encourage their customer’s find their center.

I created a brand identity, cold-brew packaging, and web design using Ott Coffee’s brand foundation. Ott Coffee’s signature mark combines alchemical symbols for earth and spirit arranged to look like a sun. This symbol has a culmination of meanings. From the coffee and hemp coming from the ground to nature reminding their customers to embrace and accept who they are in the moment.

"Suzie and Christine over-delivered. Working with them was amazing, they were persistent and they kept the project moving forward. Suzie’s beautiful design of my cold brew can, coupled with Christine’s authentic words, tied everything together in an eloquent way. I will definitely continue working with them!"

Alwan Mortada, CEO Ott Coffee


With consistent branding, copy, and sustainable packaging recommendations, we were able to define Ott’s brand identity and voice resulting in a confident, go-with-the-flow, and creative personality. A brand for the progressive eco-conscious consumer unique from other CBD coffee companies by offering high-quality coffee that doesn’t come at the expense of people or the environment.